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Hope For Centuries (CD)


Physical CD

"Poignant songs of love, betrayal and more finds Parsons at the top of his game."


Label: Meer Music
Catalog Number: MM001
Release Date: June 10, 2011
Distributed by: India Media Group / Rough Trade
LC 24951
EAN Number: 0738435229221

© & ℗ 2011 Joseph Parsons / Meer Music

01 Harbinger 4:53
02 Runway 4:08
03 Cruel Hard World 3:18
04 More 3:47
05 Roman & Michael 4:58
06 Color Of Love 3:44
07 Float 2:53
08 Never Know 4:20
09 Design For Life 2:16
10 Broken Vows 3:08
11 Spiritual 4:35
12 The Meditation 4:29
13 SingSingSing 3:50

Produced & Mixed by Devin Greenwood

Joseph Parsons Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Freddi Lubitz Bass, Background Vocals
Ross Bellenoit Electric Guitars, Moog, Baritone Guitar
Sven Hansen Drums & Percussion

Devin Greenwood Organ, Background Vocals, Percussion, Piano, Electric Guitar, Glockenspiel, Harmonica
Emily Ana Zeitlyn Background Vocals

Recording Engineer Matt Muir
Recorded at Kawari Sound in Wyncote, Pennsylvania USA
Mixed at the Honey Jar in Brooklyn, NYC
Mastered by Andy Horn at the Red Room in Berolzheim, Germany

Design by Anna (
Photo Credits: Christian Schirbort, Anna Parsons, Lisa Schafer (, Freddi Lubitz, Jörg Lindnör, Joseph Parsons

All Songs written by Joseph Parsons (©2011 Joseph Parsons / ThenThen Music)
Except ‘Broken Vows’ - Lyrics author unknown, translated from an old Irish poem by Lady Gregory 1852-1932)

All songs Arranged by the Joseph Parsons Band
All songs Published by ThenThen Music / All Rights Reserved.

Special thanks to Anna, Jim-Elias & Samuel, Devin Greenwood, Matt Muir, Karl & Frederick Rieders, Lisa Schaffer, Christian Schirbort, Wolfgang Hess, Christian ‘Boomer’ Böhm - Böhm Booking, Jürgen Stahl - Stahl Entertainment, Peter & Else Obereigner, Sean & Lisa Timmons, Edgar Heckmann, Jan Janssen, Ward & Jenny Parsons, Terry Lee Hale, Andy Horn, Bet Williams & John Hodian, Elliott & Françoise Murphy • Sven would like to thank Ilka Böhm, family and friends; Frank Rohe and Birgit Helfrich (M&T), Bernd Neubauer (Beyerdynamic), Paul Agner (Agner drumsticks) Sven plays Mapex drums, Sabian cymbals, Aquarian drumheads, Agner Drumsticks and uses Beyerdynamic microphones • Freddi would like to thank Lisa, my family, Matthijs Tempels, Sibi Siebert at Box of Trix, Trinix Studio Arnhem. Freddi uses EBS Amps & Cabinets and D.D. Cases • Ross would like to thank Hanson Guitars, MI Audio, Keeley Electronics, and (of course) his family and friends.

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Meer Music
Ebereschenweg 6, 31535 Neustadt

I’ve been playing music with Sven, Freddi & Ross for a few years now and enjoying every show we play. We have never made a studio record together before and this CD is our first foray into that world. And it was a dream to make! We arrived in Philadelphia in late November 2010 and made this record in a week of playing & recording these songs together - live! This is the first record I’ve made this way. Usually, we cut the rhythm tracks and then overdub the vocals & guitars or vise-a-versa. Devin and I agreed that to capture this band with the most vibe, we needed to be all together during the entire process. Wow, very cool indeed.

I wrote these songs over the last couple of years starting when I was recording the ‘Heavens Above’ CD. Some of these songs were written while living in Paris at Elliott Murphy’s apartment and some were written at my friend Wolfgang Hess’ house in northern Germany. He offered me a remote ‘cabin’ in January. Perfect!

I am happy that you hold this CD in your hand and we hope you enjoy the music and spread the word about us.

Please come to see a live show if you can, they are very cool events!


Hannover, Germany
March 5, 2011