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Empire Bridges (CD)


‘Empire Bridges’
Format: CD / Digital
Release Date: 01/31/2014
Label: Meer Music / Blue Rose Records (Soul Food)
EAN Code: 0010315918341

‘Empire Bridges’, the 11 song collection from Joseph Parsons, released in partnership with Meer Music & Blue Rose Records, both of Germany. The self produced ‘Empire Bridges’ was recorded in Hilden, Germany and in Parsons’ remote cabin by the Steinhüder Meer in Northern Germany.

Part of the song cycle examines a world increasingly defined by empires, both political and corporate, in which the individual feels reduced and powerless in shaping their own lives and their society. It’s harder to find leaders who not only speak the truth, but seek it. The album reflects this formidable challenge with big powerful rock songs like ‘Live Like The King’ that cut to the heart of the matter. The opening song, ‘Seek The Truth’ asks “Are we going to change the world? Are we going to take it back?” echoing the Occupy Wall Street movement and issuing a call to arms right from the start!

Parsons explores this sense of restlessness but does not dwell there. Hope and salvation are found in the bridges we build to others. ‘Hide Away’ is a soulful tale of seeking hope in a crime filled culture. The protagonist in the song ‘True’ realizes that there is nothing in this world as true as the love from a woman.

Empire Bridges is filled with rich themes as deep, rocking and spiritual as it is hook laden or poetic. ‘Minefields’ is a beautiful exploration of a troubled relationship with lush melodic lines enhanced by stirring string arrangements from John Hodian (Epiphany Project). ‘Endless Sky’ is a jaunty celebration of the warmth and joy that can be found after daylight fades. ‘Leave This Town’ takes us on a journey to salvation while hitching a ride on a slice of modern country rock.

This is Parsons’ second album with his touring band (Sven Hansen - drums; Freddi Lubitz - bass, vocals; Ross Bellenoit - electric guitar, vocals). Over six years on the road and in the studio, the band have locked in to each other’s style of playing, resulting in a fresh unified sound that can confidently adapt to the many moods and shades the music demands. This allows Parsons to take on larger themes and journey from darkness into light without losing sight of music’s power to elevate and entertain.

Parsons says, “These songs affect my heart and my soul. To sing them live is inspiring and sometimes a bit emotional. And, it’s a hell of lot of fun!” “We’re a seasoned rock band,” he adds, “always looking for new challenges and these new songs raise the bar for us. I can’t wait to tour this record and share the songs with our fans.”