Joseph Parsons is an independent American songwriter & recording artist based in Europe.  Originally from the musical city of Philadelphia, he has been living in Northern Europe since 2007.  Parsons has made his name by consistently delivering exceptional song driven studio & live CD’s along with a rigorous touring schedule.

Long a fan of multi-dimensional recording productions, Parsons writes distinctive songs that often defy categories.  He weaves through genres as he fuses traces of Emo Rock, Soul & Folk to create his own unique style of Rock & Roll.  Always emotive and energetic on recordings, his live shows are dynamic, spirited and deeply personal experiences.

Joseph Parsons, born on the East Coast, USA in the mid 60's, moved between Philadelphia and Louisiana until age 14. At which time, because of trouble with the law, he had to leave home and was sent to a mountain work school to reform his ways.  After finishing high school, he spent 10 years on the road living and writing music while occasionally landing in Los Angeles, Louisiana, Paris, Boston and New York before returning to stay in Philadelphia during his late 20's.

Parsons’ early musical education was formed busking the streets of Europe and with original shows in the USA.  His first recording (Breathe) established him as one of the first Singer Songwriters on the Philly scene in 1990.  By 1997, and after 4 more studio CD’s, he landed a deal with Blue Rose Records from Germany. This started Parsons’ prolific recording career and has since released 18 CD’s of his own music or with groups he founded on Blue Rose Records, Sanctuary Records or with his current own label, Meer Music. (Hardpan, 4 Way Street, US Rails & Parsons Thibaud)